Our mandate is to expose posers and embellishers wearing medals or awards not earned.



SVC is working to expand awareness of sec 419 CCC and how stolen valour affects real veterans and soldiers. It is not a victimless crime.

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Our organizational objectives are achieved when the individual is charged, prosecuted and convicted. Or, the individual participates in a restorative justice program which includes forfeiture of the bogus items and a public apology.

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Stolen Valour is NOT a victimless crime.

Regrettably, wearing fake medals and insignia is viewed by some to be a victimless crime however,  the reprehensible actions of military imposters is offensive and disrespectful to our wounded and fallen and to their service to Canada.

SVC is an independent, self-funded, all volunteer group of Canadian Forces veterans with well over a 100 years of combined service. Our military experience has taught us how to quickly identify uniform medallic issues and anomalies

Through the use of open source research including websites, newspaper articles, photographic images, searchable data bases of medal recipients and extracts from online military documents in Canada, the UK and the US we can determine whether an individual is in contravention of laws, rules and/or regulations, and/or the legitimacy of any public claims being made.