Robert N White – Bronze Star, Purple Heart & Air Crew Wings – NOPE!

Mr Robert N. White of Petrolia, Ontario, an actual USN Vietnam Veteran, was brought to our attention by a number of parties after his group of medals was expanded to include the Bronze Star Medal, the Purple Heart and topped off with a set of USN Enlisted Aircrew Wings.

Naval Aircrew Wings are authorized for personnel who have undergone extensive training in flight operations of naval aircraft. Such training includes weapons management, electronic warfare, and water survival. Mr White was an aircraft mechanic working on the flight line…

Prior to investing any research effort into what has the potential to become a wild goose chase, we contact named individuals in order to provide them with an opportunity to sort out the reported situation. SVC does not act upon unsubstantiated intelligence or malicious tips, and we hoped that Mr White would take advantage of this offer to assist in protecting his reputation. When we contacted White via social media regarding the medals (9 Aug 2017), he responded that he was wearing the medals to honour his friends!

Of course when we cross referenced Mr White with previously identified posers, fakes and embellishers; we confirmed the old adage “birds of a feather, flock together”.

James “Faux-Hawk” Wellheiser, a fake Vietnam Viet / fake native warrior, elder and shaman shares his Vietnam experiences with White.

Mr White removed the bogus medals and wings from his group and through his community service organization forwarded them to the US Consulate in Toronto for appropriate disposal action.

Note: This post was rebuilt built with records held in our underground HQ located deep under the Canadian Shield and with the invaluable assistance of our US partners at