Donald “uncle donnie” LEMMOND aka Tyrell

Donald Lemmond aka TYRELL spoke at a Remembrance Day activity at a Local college, telling the audience that he had served in the US Army during the Vietnam War. He wore a vast spectrum of medals including a Silver Star, a POW Medal and a Purple Heart.

Lemmond also told the audience how he had served in Afghanistan and Iraq and he had retired from the military in 2007 as a “full captain” in the medical corps. As it turns out, he spent some time in the reserves in Canada. Initially, Lemmond said that his cousin had awarded him the medals, but now he admits that he bought them and just pinned them on because “I thought it would give me a little more authority in the job that I was performing for the legion that I was in….”

Watch the video of his speech @ this link

The federal government has implemented new rules covering how veterans are invited to citizenship ceremonies, following the discovery of fake servicemen last year at Remembrance Day ceremonies in Hamilton, Ont. and Ottawa. Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) says it has has implemented a number of safeguards, including having CIC officials liaise with regional veterans’ associations, verify their records, and prevent dishonourably discharged veterans from participating. “The steps above will ensure that [Canadian Armed Forces] members and veterans may continue to play an important role in welcoming new citizens to the Canadian family, while ensuring that incidents such as the one referenced does not happen again,” said CIC spokeswoman Nancy Caron.

Donald Lemmond received a suspended sentence and 12 months probation after pleading guilty to unlawful use of military uniforms and medals.

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