Welcome to Stolen Valour Canada

Now, you may have been asking where did the original SV-C Facebook page go?

After fours years of exposing fakes, posers and embellishers, the original SV-C page was unpublished / deleted by FB after we were accused of “violating community standards by encouraging drug use”!

Our thousands of followers will know that was never the case.

A manufactured claim against the page, and, by extension, the veterans who work diligently behind the scenes, has done what no others could. We were silenced, albeit temporarily, by the actions of cowards and their enablers!

Threats of legal action, law suits & physical violence against SVC members stiffened our resolve particularly, when the very same individuals who made those threats would get on their knees and beg us not to publish the details of their medallic fuckery™.

That being said, SVC is in the process in migrating all of our work to this platform AND we’ll have complete control of the information published. The added benefit is that we’ll be less vulnerable to malicious attacks by valour thieves and their supporters/enablers.

Our current FB, Twitter and IG accounts will remain active and assist us in getting our message out…


The message is, Stolen Valour Canada has absolutely no tolerance for those who make the decision to stand in the blood of our wounded and fallen.

30 May 2018

Lest We Forget