Sean Baldacchin – Canada’s most decorated UN soldier?

Sean BALDACCHIN (AKA HILTS / formerly MARTIN)- Jumper, Pathfinder, Commando!

His entire military narrative is bogus regardless of the “name game” that he’s playing.

Our research indicates that he was never a sniper or patrol pathfinder.

His claimed service in Saudi Arabia 1990-91 during Op FRICTION/SCALPEL, in Somalia 1992-93 during Op DELIVERANCE, with the Canadian Airborne Regiment (CAR), and Rwanda in 1994-95 during Op LANCE with the CAR is nothing but a compete fabrication. We have been in contact with members of the CAR specifically, the Pathfinder Platoon from the early days when it was stood up (November 1971) until the regiment was disbanded. They advise that Baldacchin (Martin/Hilts) is not known to that fraternity nor did he serve in the CAR at any time, in any capacity!

The Canadian Airborne Regiment coin (#1397) he flashes as proof of service is as bogus and the actual recipient is known. The 1300 series of coins were issued 1974-1975 in Edmonton after the Regiment returned from Cyprus.

Over the course of the last year, SV-C has been unable to find any evidence of him ever deploying as a member of the Canadian Army (CA), nor achieving any of the HSLD qualifications he claims. Now, there could be three reasons for that, (1) a long series of admin errors, (2) he’s wearing medals and insignia without any lawful authority or, (3) he’s just a lying sack of shit!

Baldacchin has some connection with the Toronto Scottish Regiment perhaps, as a cadet in the affiliated Cadet Corps or as a junior infantryman in the Reserve Force. He has made the following claims to support his narrative.

“I was a member of the reserves from 1988 to 1990 as a Private in the Toronto Scottish Regiment holding qualifications of Infantryman, Machine gunner, and Basic Parachutist.

I then joined the regular armed forces serving with the 1st Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment (1990 until discharged) with whom I earned the qualification of Basic and Master sniper, Infantry Section Commander and the rank of Master Corporal.    

During a portion of my service in the armed forces I was attached to 3 Commando of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. 

My overseas duties did include such tours as Lahr, Germany, Kuwait, Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Somalia (primarily Mogadishu).

I did mention to individuals that during my military service I was presented the opportunity to apply for a position with CISIS but refused.  Although aspects of my military career and overseas duties have been deemed classified I have never been nor had I ever made the claim that I was an undercover sniper for the government.”

What we have learned,

Baldacchin says that he was from an old-school mafia family. He was enlisted into the CA by his mother, at 15 years of age, to escape a manslaughter conviction. He claimed that were still contracts out on his life so, he had to be constantly conduct counter surveillance drills to stay ahead of the mob.

He also claims that while in Kuwait, his patrol was ambushed by an Iraqi guard but he managed to escape during transport,

In Bosnia with the UN in 1992, he located and excavated a mass grave containing 1000 bodies,

Due to a bomb blast in Cambodia, he missed his wedding date and he was married to his partner via satellite by a chaplain on base,

His wife was killed by a drunk driver while he was on exercise in Petawawa. Subsequently, his Chain of Command then forced him to go to Somalia a month later because of the emotional stress he was going through,

Served in Mogadishu, Somalia until April 1994 as a member of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. Amazingly, the CAR redeployed to Canada in the Spring of 1993,  SVC – He’s not listed on the nominal roll of the CAR BGp for Op DELIVERANCE

Completed two tours in Rwanda 1994 and 1995. He witnessed the killing of male children, the assault and rape of mutilated women,

On third tour in Cambodia, he saw his best friend being killed, and

He was medically released from the Canadian Army as he wasn’t physically / mentally fit for deployment post 9/11.

He has reinvented his past as having First Nations heritage, was a Paramedic, and is now running a tattoo and body piercing parlour In Ontario.

We extended an offer to Baldacchin in order to sort out his situation, we’ve heard nothing back.

Baldacchin wearing the uniform of a Private in the Toronto Scottish Regiment. The jump wings, indicating he served in designated paratrooper billet, are of the wrong pattern for that uniform.


Of course he saw his best friend being killed. No poser story would be complete without one’s best friend being killed, usually in the bullshitter’s arms. 

We extended an offer to Baldacchin in order to sort out his situation, we’ve heard nothing back.