Hubert Meyers (aka Meijers) – Never a Commando, not a Vietnam Vet!

Stolen Valour Canada was advised by a number of parties that there was a potential issue with the medals and insignia that Mr Hubert Meyers had been photographed wearing along with his claims of serving alongside the US military during the Vietnam War.

SVC does not act upon unsubstantiated intelligence or malicious tips that are often initiated as a result of petty jealousy, marital misadventure or, sheer vindictiveness.

We will not waste any staff effort on someone’s “gut feel” nor do we do participate in witch hunts. Tipsters must provide evidence (pictures, news articles, social media links) of their concerns before we can move forward.

Prior to investing any research effort into what could become an unfounded wild goose chase; we contact named individuals in order to provide them with an opportunity to sort out the reported situation. Our hope, they would take advantage of our offer to protect their reputation and silence the issue once and for all by providing proof of the medallic entitlements.

To that end, we asked that Meyers, back in July 2018, to provide us with the documentation that would prove his entitlement to wear the Green Beret / hat badge of the Korps Commandotroepen of the Netherlands Army.

We also requested that he prove his lawful right to wear what can only be described as a bizarre group of official and commemorative US military medals including the Purple Heart x 3 and third awards of Air Force Commendation Medal & the National Defense Service Medal.



The Purple Heart recognizes being wounded in action. Meyers wearing this medal is essentially claiming that he was awarded this medal after being wounded three times during the Vietnam War. However, only members of the US Armed Forces are eligible to receive the Purple Heart and Meyers was never one.

Meyers wears the US Air Force Commendation Medal with 2 x stars (on the  miniature medal), presumably indicating a third award. Unfortunately, Meyers didn’t pay attention to detail, as the USAF used oak leaf clusters to indicate subsequent awards….


The National Defense Service Medal that Meyers wears has 2 x stars. This indicates that the wearer has/had served on active duty during 3 of the 4 designated eligibility periods. (1) The Korean War, (2) the Vietnam War, (3) Gulf War and (4) the post 9/11 period. He’s not old enough to have served during the Korean War and he emigrated to Canada prior to GW1…


Meyers also wore the Vietnam Service Medal with “Arrowhead” device to denote participation in an amphibious assault landing, combat parachute jump, helicopter assault landing, or combat glider landing by a service member of the US Army or USAF and 2 x campaign stars.


The result of initial inquiry – Meyers immediately scrubbed his Facebook page of any evidence of his claimed military service. This sort of behaviour is quite familiar to our researchers and warrants further investigation of the individual.

So, we contacted our friends in the Netherland’s Commando Association to solicit their assistance in determining whether Mr Meyers (aka Meijers) was ever a badged member of their organization.

Their response – Who?

The brass KCT beret emblem displays a Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, hand grenade and a ribbon with the unit’s Nunc aut Nunquam (now or never) motto on it. The background of the emblem consist of a gothic typeface “W”, indicating the name Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands from 1898-1948. The beret emblem is worn on a black background with a green border.

Mr Meyers eventually contacted SVC with the goal of sorting out this situation. Long story, made short, he has now apologized for his actions and surrendered the items in question.


Mr Meyers has surrendered the pictured items, SVC will now coordinate their return to the authorities for appropriate disposal action.


Lest We Forget.



Herne STEELGRAVE – Green Beret or a newt?

Stolen Valour Canada was advised by a number of parties that there was a potential issue with the claims made by Gallowsglass who was regular participant in events and ceremonies in the Manitoulin area hosted by various veterans support organizations.

Prior to investing any research effort into what has the potential to become a wild goose chase, we attempt to contact named individuals in order to provide them with an opportunity to sort out the reported situation. SVC does not act upon unsubstantiated intelligence or malicious tips, and we hoped that the “Green Beret” would take advantage of this offer to assist in protecting his reputation.

Unfortunately, Steelgrave immediately went silent, not surprisingly images were deleted from social media sites and then the inevitable occurred, we were contacted by an enabler (Spouse/partner/spiritual advisor?) asking that we remove the content from our media platforms and making threats of legal actions against someone for something…

Of course, we responded.

SVC has had no further communication from the “Green Beret’s“ witchy-woman so, we can only surmise he’s on a deep undercover mission for the CIA or he’s been turned into a newt.

Carl Dale – He’s the reason SVC exists!

Two individuals, both who publicly claimed to be veterans of the PPCLI lead to the creation of Stolen Valour Canada. Mr Carl Dale is one of them!

Four and an half years later, SVC staffers have turned over, SOPs have been refined & our network of like minded groups has evolved in strong partnerships to address this world wide problem.

We have been attacked by cowards and their enablers, threatened with violence and legal action & our main social media platform was nuked due to false allegations that we “encouraged drug use”.

Despite the challenges we have remain committed to our mandate to expose fakes, posers and embellishers…

Now back to Mr Dale,

*He claims to have served in the Canadian military, but when challenged, he states that nobody has heard of him in the Canadian military because he was “on loan” to the US 101st Airborne and served with them for most of his term of service.

*Claimed to be a sniper, and wore the patches on his CAV vest, but two instructors who have served with the Canadian military for years have never heard of him

*in 2014 he claimed to be serving under a “Queen’s Order” and was on loan to the US Military, assisting a Colonel Baker at 29 Palms with a top secret plan to conduct an air drop into a country “overseas” (by the way…he could tell me it was Pakistan…wink, wink)

*Claimed that Colonel Baker was sending him top secret satellite photos for his review on his email account (an unsecured internet connection that he was pirating from his neighbor!)

*He had been seen around town wearing a Captain’s uniform, and at one point claimed to have been promoted and was, for a few weeks, wearing a Major’s uniform, only to return to the Captain’s uniform

*Claimed that Colonel Baker sent a Blackhawk helicopter to Trenton to pick him up for an airdrop over 29 Palms — he was acting as an instructor to the US paratroopers (’cause the US doesn’t have anyone who could do that). He told five people in Kingston that he left at 0700 hours, that it took two hours to get there, they did the drop, and he was home by 7:00 p.m.. When he was asked how he could be in California in two hours, he replied that Blackhawks are really fast and that they don’t have to fly on commercial air routes.

*His first mission involved crawling on his belly for three days to get into position to snipe a “foreign general” in some unknown country, that he was not expected to return from the mission but that he did his job and he was a hero

*He told everyone he was away for deployment last year on the aforementioned drop into Pakistan — either he is the biggest security risk that the Canadian/US military has ever encountered or he is, as we all now know, a pathological liar.

*He also claims to have swiped a 50 caliber sniper rifle that he has hidden at his father’s home.

*He now works as a general contractor in the Kingston Ontario area and claims to be a licensed electrician, licensed plumber, licensed pipe-fitter and journeyman carpenter — he does not hold licenses in any of these fields that anyone can verify.

And, from our US partners

Mr David Jeffery DODD was the second individual falsely claiming to be a Patricia in 2014, his actions lead to the creation of SVC

Dodd in no longer telling his Remembrance Day “My buddy died in my arms; I can still feel her blood on my hands” stories.