Major (Retired) Ian NEWBY CD – Nice try, Sheriff!

Ian Newby of Aldergrove, BC enlisted in Young Soldier Training Plan in 1958, Taken on strength with 15th Field Regiment RCA on 7 Mar 1959, passed Junior NCO CA(M) Course on 5 Dec 1960, appointed Lance Bombardier on 1 Jan 1961, struck off strength on 1 Nov 1961, taken on strength on 22 Jun 1963, promoted Bombardier on 1 May 1963, qualified Driver on 1 Jun 1963, qualified Senior NCO on 18 Apr 1966, qualified Militia Artilleryman Group 1 on 16 Dec 1967, promoted Sergeant on 1 Jan 1968.

Promoted Second Lieutenant on 1 Jun 1968, qualified Lieutenant Basic on 16 Aug 1968, promoted Lieutenant on 1 Mar 1969, completed Captain Qualifying course on 16 Jul 1971, promoted Captain on 1 Sep 1976, qualified Major Block 12 Course on 15 Aug 1980, qualified Militia Command and Staff Course on 25 Jul 1981, promoted Major on 18 Aug 1982, released 7 Sep 1987. CD. The Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) is his sole listed award!

Although not conclusive, the link below lists the honours and awards presented to members of 15th Field Regiment RCA. It has the comprehensive listing of all members of the regiment who were were awarded medals to recognize their service in Canadian Forces (Europe) and Cyprus, Newby isn’t listed nor is he named as a recipient of the Centennial Medal nor the Silver Jubilee Medal.

Well Major, since the Fall of 2017, we’ve been waiting for you to cowboy up, surrender the bogus medals for disposal and apologize for your actions!

Clear your conscience…

Remembrance Day 2019
Newby seems to have lost some weight, his group of medals is significantly lighter!
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