Because we ain’t ogres…

A word of advice,

Don’t stand in the blood of our wounded and fallen by wearing bogus military uniforms adorned with unearned badges, rank insignia and medals.

Rest assured, SVC with assistance of our supporters will eventually bring an end to your foolish games, no matter where you may be.

Several months ago, we were asked to have a look at an individual who was a regular participant in military / veteran themed events. Looking at the dude’s uniform, it appears it put together by blind chimpanzee rummaging about the disposal bins on the clothing stores’ loading dock.

Lapel pins for collar dogs, “gold lace” Corporal’s stripes, 1 CMBG patch, a Warrior Badge along with an obviously bogus Special Service Medal (NATO) and grey socks with civvy pattern shoes! On occasion, he’s worn a tri-service hat badge on his beret and a green ISAF patch on his tunic sleeve…

No reasonable person would tolerate a random dude dressing up as a police officer, firefighter, paramedic or dog catcher and taking on a significant role in events of remembrance. So, why is this sack of shit allowed to stand in the blood of the wounded and fallen while wearing a fantasy clown suit?

So, the question becomes – why did the “adults“ in his community allow him to play a game of dress up in a military themed costume? Was it to prevent the bogus “Afghanistan veteran” with issues from burning down the village? Was it because the event organizers lacked the intestinal fortitude to call him out?

Fortunately, a few good people contacted us and asked that we take a look…

Due to circumstances, relayed to us from a representative on the ground, we have made the decision not to identify the individual nor the location where this shitbaggery took place.

However, we have assurances that he won‘t be portraying himself as a veteran in the future.

Why did SVC take this approach?

Because we ain’t ogres..


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