***Stolen Valour Canada Update***

12 May 2020

This update will provided our friends, supporters and followers of the current status of stolen valour issues in Canada.

A number of “stolen valour” court cases will reconvene once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. This includes the matters pertaining to Terry “captain landmine” Birch, the great imposter of Cornwall, Ontario.  Birch has publicly stated that he would be pleading guilty so, he should soon be adding convicted valour thief to the top of his long list of military themed fairy tales.

Self appointed captain, Simon Rothschild (aka De Rothschild, McDonald, Surfer, Meyer, Weinstein, Costello…) will no doubt continue his courtroom theatrics when he once again stands in front of a judge in Alexandria, Ontario.

There’s another individual in SW Ontario facing multiple charges including s419 CCC. Eventually, the publication ban in this matter will be lifted and the true extent of his actions will be exposed. We are prepared to wait this one to play out in the courts particularly, as he threatened SVC with legal action some time ago. Stolen valour is often the tip of the ice berg, this case will, no doubt, demonstrate that once again…

Fair warning, SVC has submitted a number of Access To Information (ATI) requests and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with our US partners. The additional information that we expect to receive will convincingly prove a number cases of medallic fuckery…

Again, we are patiently waiting for the current restrictions to be lifted, and people get back to work, in order to receive the official documentation related to several files.

This unexpected pause gives the posers, fakes and embellishers an opportunity to sort out their situation in advance of being exposed as valour thieves.

These individuals, who we have already communicated with, can now cowboy up, apologize for their reprehensible actions and surrender their bogus items for appropriate disposal action.

Or, they can wait for the subsequent full and complete exposure and the accompanying embarrassment/public shaming on all of our platforms including

Currently, there are a significant number of active police investigations underway across the country. Hopefully, this will lead to individuals being charged and eventually convicted under s419 CCC. SVC will withhold any discussion on these cases in order to permit the police to do their work.

Feeling safe while you pretend to be a decorated American, Brit, Dutch, French, Aussie or South African veteran in Canada?

Fill yer boots but, remember SVC is an active participant in a world wide network of stolen valour watchdogs. Our partners are more than willing to provide us with research assistance.

The truth is out there!


Lest We Forget

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