Corey “Kai” DUPS – MCpl McSquinty

SVC first became aware of DUPS, who is a Canadian from the Hamilton Ontario area, after we were sent his “graduation / promotion” pics in early February 2021.

Was he the top candidate on his combat medical course conducted at CFB Trenton?

That may explain him being awarded a Royal Canadian Medical Service hat badge in a fancy jewellery box…

Perhaps, the top dude is also awarded a special silk tie?

For considerable VALOR? Canadian Special Operations Airborne Regiment? Lieutenant Wayne Eyre-Jenning?
SVC has seen many bogus documents produced by posers, fakes and embellishers however, McSquinty has taken his fakery to a whole new level!
Who knew that long dead, US President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) was signing Canadian Army certificates?
He’s a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada? As a Corporal combat paramedic? With a Nursing Degree?

And, there’s more. Seems that the super soldiers of Delta Scorpion B should have been named to the Canadian Olympic Team. Imagine being able to cross 454 km in 3 hours & 45 minutes ON FOOT!

And, there’s even more!

Dups was unable to attend the ceremony as he was deployed to an undisclosed location…
“Carly Sims – Canadian Press 16 December 2017” , of course, Carly Sims doesn’t exist.

And, even more!

Thanks to Michigan Law Enforcement Agencies, DUPS now has the opportunity to reflect upon his Medallic Fuckery™️, prepare an apology for his actions, surrender the bogus items for appropriate disposal action and become a productive member of society…

Mario GRENIER – he’s NOT a Gulf War Veteran!



We were asked to review a number of photographic images of retired Sergeant Mario Grenier, a self appointed veterans advocate  and former infantryman with the R22eR who resides in the Quebec City area. His service in Canada, Lahr Germany and operational deployment to the Balkans in 1992 were quite easy to confirm.

However, The Persian Gulf and Kuwait (PG&K) Medal with bar he wore at every occasion became lightning rod for comments as not one individual could vouch for his service in the operational theatre between September 1990 and March 1991.

Our team conducted a thorough review of all available records, this included websites, newspaper articles, photographic images, regimental tour books, searchable data bases of medal recipients and extracts from military documents in Canada in order to determine the legitimacy of his claims.

Grenier has claimed that the United Kingdom awarded him the Canadian PG&K Medal with bar. Now why would they do that? If he was, in fact, attached to / on exchange with the Brits, would he not have received the UK Gulf Medal like the other CF members in that situation?

All the Canadian Forces recipients of the UK Gulf Medal and they are known / gazetted and Grenier isn’t among them. DH&R name two of the recipients in the publications, while the UK Ministry of Defence have confirmed via a Freedom of Information request that there are a dozen CF recipients of their medal including Captain Ian Hope who would later lead the 1st Bn PPCLI / Task Force Orion in Afghanistan 2006. 

Note the differences between the UK version (L) and the Canadian version (R) – Grenier wore the Canadian version….

It seems Grenier has been telling different stories to different audiences, he has absolutely no GW1 service despite his fairy tales of being attached to 23 (UK) Engineer Regiment for a 20 day period  (8-28 February 1991) and was tasked along with another Canadian from Ontario on a secret mission to run down SCUD missiles in Riyahd!

Of course, Grenier followed a routine that is quite familiar to us shock, anger, immediately scrubbing all of the images of him wearing the PG&K medal (and the QDJM) from his social media accounts (November 2020), indignation followed by feigned cooperation, the inevitable threats of legal action followed by a lawyer’s letter… 

In an email exchange (15 Feb 2021) Grenier agreed remove the bogus medals from his group and send us a before / after images, the quid pro quo – SVC would have published those pics on our media platforms without any identifying information and Grenier could have carried on with his veteran support activities.

However, Grenier made the decision not to send us the images that he had previously agree to, furnished a picture of his cut and subsequently threatened taking legal action action against us. Note the cut on the left has 6 medal ribbons attached and the most recent version on the right has just 4 – the PG&K and QDJM ribbons have been removed. 


When SVC published the details of Grenier’s medallic fuckery ™️, he very quickly posted on his FB page that he had taken the two medals down as he didn’t know he couldn’t wear the British ones… You know, the medals that he said he received in the mail in 2012 as witnessed by his buddy Pierre. 


Incredible, Yes! 

So, where was Grenier during the Sept 1990-March 1991 time frame? He wasn’t in Doha, Qatar guarding our air force assets with Cie C 1er R22eR nor was he chasing Scuds with the UK Land Forces. Like everyone else, not deployed, he was probably watching events unfold on the 24 hour news channels.

On 23 July 2021, Grenier posted up a pic of his revised group of medals with the PG&K and QDJM removed…

Now why would a recipient remove legitimately awarded medals? Could he not sought out the assistance of RHQ R22eR in confirming his Gulf War service and obtaining the official documentation / proof of his claims?

Why would he throw legitimately awarded medals into the garbage? 

 Mr Grenier was a Cold War infantryman who deployed to the Balkans. There was no need for him to embellish his military service but, he did… 

It’s long past time for him to publicly apologize for claiming service in Persian Gulf, wearing two medals without any apparent lawful authority and quietly walk away from his military themed fairy tales. 

Je me souviens

William Grueschow – He’s no CSM Basil Plumley…

A number of individuals contacted us regarding an Ottawa area man who claimed to be US Army Vietnam veteran.

Greuschow along with a USMC working dog, we have concealed the dog’s identity to save him from potential embarrassment. Army Ball, Ottawa 2016.

As per our SOP, we immediately scooped any evidence of his claimed military service that was posted on social media including his multiple FB accounts. We reviewed that information using on line resources in an attempt to determine his legitimacy, and we have been unable to find any evidence of his claimed service in Vietnam. 

We also conducted reverse image searches of his supposed service in Vietnam. Most of the images have been pulled directly from the interwebs including a picture of Australian soldiers, one of them carrying a FN!

Greuschow as a member of the Ottawa Police Chorus wearing an impressive group of 9 medals along with the Combat Infantry Badge. 2016

Greushcow has fooled many good people with his claims of service with the US Army in Vietnam.  However, to be truly convincing, it takes more than an ill fitting uniform, store bought medals, images lifted from the interwebs and tales of heroism on the field of battle. To an untrained eye, he looks like a legitimate veteran but, it’s a lack of attention to detail / lack of knowledge that indicates that he just followed a precedence chart when he went shopping on-line.

The complete lack of distinguishing devices on the ribbons (campaign stars, V for valour, oak leaf clusters) is a red flag as is the inclusion of the Defence Meritorious Service Medal (DMSM) in his group. The DMSM wasn’t created until a decade after his claimed service and there is no retroactivity. 

In a number of images, he’s wearing the medals / undress ribbons and insignia of a US Army Sergeant including the Silver Star, Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, indicating being wounded in action, and the Combat Infantry Badge. Those particular awards are specifically named in US Stolen Valour legislation. Grueshcow is wearing the Army Service Uniform (Blues) that was adopted in 2008, nearly 40 after his claimed service was over! US Army regulations state that “retiree” must have completed 20 years of service in order to legally wear the uniform. 

If you ask nicely, he’ll show you a Silver Star certificate detailing his heroism during the Battle of Ia Drang dated 20 November 1965. Unfortunately, he’s not listed on the roster of 1st Bn / 7th Cavalry during their service in Vietnam,   Nor is he listed as a recipient of the Silver Star (Sterner list)

Now, there are a couple of issues with the certificate he uses to back up his claims, there is absolutely no evidence that Grueshcow has any US Army service so, he was never a Sergeant in the 1st/7th and the President of the US didn’t sign off on Silver Star awards.

Nor is he named in the Interim Report of Operations, 1st Cavalry Division RVN July 1965 – July 1966.

The National Defense Service Medal (NDSM) is an automatic award to all US Military personnel upon graduation of basic training in a time war, it’s the first medal they receive and he doesn’t include in his display. 

He can either contact us and we’ll happily assist in determining his truths or, he can immediately apologize for his actions, surrender the bogus items for appropriate disposal action and just fade away…