If you didn’t earn it, don’t wear it!

The owner of this group of medals has absolutely no entitlement to the General Campaign Star (SWA), the General Service Medal (Expedition), the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal nor the second clasp on the CD.
No surprise that he wouldn’t / couldn’t produce his MPRR or any other documentation when the medal mounter requested to confirm his medallic entitlement. The questions were asked after it was discovered that the group contained medals that should have been named and weren’t.
His actual entitlement is the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal (2002), the CF Decoration with 1 clasp and the Alberta Centennial Medal, that’s all. He served for over 22 years in the CF (Res/Reg) and received the appropriate recognition, that’s something that he should’ve been proud of.

His actual medallic entitlement, mounted and returned to the individual.

Of course, the privately purchased, British bling medals are junk and shouldn’t be mounted with actual Canadian medals.
We’ve made the decision to publish these images without any identifying info for the “encouragement of others”. The message to this embellisher and those like him – they are being watched and their medallic fuckery ™️ is unacceptable, particularly to those of us who lost friends in the sandbox.

The unnamed General Campaign Star (SWA), had this individual actually served in Afghanistan as he claimed, his particulars would be engraved on it…

It’s really quite simple, if you didn’t earn it, don’t wear it.
Of course, he’ll remain on our watch list in perpetuity…
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