Daniel PAULIN – never a jumper, not a sniper…

We were asked to review a number of photographic images of retired ex Corporal Daniel PAULIN, a former member of the R22eR who resides in Shawinigan, Quebec. Over the course of the past couple of years, he has worn the confusing mix of berets / hat badges and medals, including the maroon beret and hat badge of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, while participating in RCL events.

Of note, Paulin wearing the medal / ribbon of the UN Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina (UMINBH) on his military themed RCL costume, less than 400 Canadians were awarded this medal, the vast majority being CIVPOL members along with a small number of CF personnel (<30) employed primarily at the Mine Action Centre. In the other images, he’s wearing the UN Protection Force Medal (UNPROFOR) medal.

After a considerable amount of research, we had significant concerns over his claims of service as a Para in the Airborne Regiment.  There was absolutely no evidence of being qualified as a military parachutist nor serving in the CAR

We were able to determine that Paulin is a legitimate recipient of the UNPROFOR medal after completing 1 tour in Bosnia in 1993 however, we could find no concrete evidence of his claimed 1995 deployment. He was belatedly awarded the Wound Stripe so, there was no need for him to juice up his service. But, he did! 

With encouragement of a select group of CAF veterans in the Quebec Command of the Royal Canadian Legion, Paulin willingly surrendered the beret / hat badge of the CAR (and a medal, albeit the wrong one), that he wore without lawful authority for appropriate disposal action. Those actions likely have saved him a visit from law enforcement authorities carrying a copy of s419 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Mr Paulin should have also apologized for claiming to be a member of the CAR and a recipient of the UNMIBH Medal however he ran away and hid like small child.

Coincidently, exposed poser Sylvain Hamel, a former RCL Quebec Command 1st Vice President also wore the ribbon of the UN Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina (UNMIBH) which is a separate and distinct mission from UNPROFOR. The ribbons aren’t interchangeable!

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