Self appointed “captain” Simon De Rothschild / McDonald charged

North Glengarry man charged with unlawfully wearing a military uniform

Mr Simon de Rothschild, also known as Simon McDonald, is the self appointed Captain/Commanding Officer of an alternative Army Cadet program in Alexandria Ontario.  

The cadet corps which has absolutely no connection to the CAF sponsored program appears to making an attempt to “put the Army back into Army Cadets” by including more military type activities into a youth citizenship group.

He was charged by the OPP under s419 of the CCC, no action has been taken against the other “officers” / adult leaders of the program. SVC has been aware of this individual for quite some time however, the investigation which lead to criminal charges was initiated by the OPP.

Additional details will posted once they become available.

The “captain” has been observed leading his cadets wearing a Multicam battle dress uniform complete with a tan beret and insignia that is so similar to an actual military uniform that it’s likely to be mistaken as one. Perhaps, he should have a wander past CSOR City in Petawawa and have a look at the soldiers who earned and wear that uniform combination…  

On their Instagram pages, there are images of children participating in community events in addition to the same children undergoing CQB drills while wearing gas masks!
Children apparently preparing for a planet killing pandemic or a zombie apocalypse!

David C Townsend – Never a SEAL but, he has the license plates!


Townsend was never a SEAL but, he has the licence plates!


Of course, we asked our good friend Senior Chief Don Shipley, an actual US NAVY SEAL, for his assistance in determining Townsend’s frogman claims.

The size of the SEAL Trident on Townsend’s hat is inversely proportional to any actual military service…


“Rear Admiral” Ian Dewar-Adair CBE DSO – His battleship has sunk!

He‘s not an Admiral,
Not a recipient of the Commander of the British Empire,
Not a recipient of the Distinguished Service Order,
Not the recipient of the US Navy Cross or Silver Star, and
Didn’t serve in the Vietnam War.
However, he likes to inspect cadets dressed up his naval finery…

Based on his stellar military career and the experience gained in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, he’ll offer you advice on creating the perfect CV and how to dress for success!

SVC made several attempts to contact the “Admiral”, although the signals were receipted, there has been no response from the Admiral, his Flag Lieutenant, his staff secretary nor his Chief Yeoman.

We can only assume he’s leading the fleet from his flagship

SVC has been able to uncover exclusive footage of the “Admiral” leading his forces into action!

Stripped of the Order of Military Merit & busted – Fancy that!

Master Warrant Officer Richard Fancy MMM CD, he was the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Halifax Rifles, but apparently that wasn’t enough for him. He pretended to have served in Somalia and Afghanistan and he claimed that he was a paratrooper with the Airborne Reconnaissance Troop.

He was illegally and fraudulently wearing the Canadian Somalia Medal, the General Campaign Star (South West Asia) and, the Canadian Forces Parachutist Insignia.

So, he was court martialled, convicted, reduced in rank and fined.

As a result of his conviction, his membership in the Order of Military Merit was terminated.

Stolen Valour, it’s usually just the tip of the iceberg,

Earl Woolery III – Gulf War 1 Fake

Earl Woolery who claims that he served in the first Gulf War as a Cavalry Scout.

He was, in fact, a Staff Sergeant serving in an amored cavalry unit however, he didn’t deploy on any phase of Desert Shield / Desert Storm, as Lincoln, Nebraska wasn’t threatened by Saddam Hussein.

Thanks to our partners at This Ain’t Hell ( we were able to confirm Mr Wollery’s actual status during GW1.

Aside from the Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the two Liberation of Kuwait Medals and the extra OLCs… what’s the problem?

He must have been using some skookum optics / sensors as Lincoln, Nebraska was 7000 miles from the berm!

There’s much more to this fella’s story, we’ll just focus on the medallic fuckery™…

Peter Miklos Toth… GUILTY of impersonating a US Marine!

In a Facebook conversation between Stolen Valour and Toth, he claimed to have served in Kandahar Province and “Hazbollah.” Hezbollah, as it’s properly known, is a political party in Lebanon, and is considered by several nations including Canada and the United States to be a terrorist organization.

When Stolen Valour questioned Toth further about his Purple Heart, he claimed to have been shot in June 2005 in Afghanistan. However, Stolen Valour points out he previously claimed to have retired from the USMC in 1985, before any conflicts involving North America ever took place in Afghanistan.

Peter Toth, 58, faces one count under Section 419 of the Criminal Code of Canada for unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates.

Note – “Ninteen Hundren” That should have been a clue in regards to Toth’s shitbaggery!

Toth is accused of impersonating a U.S. Military veteran by wearing attire and medals he did not actually earn to Remembrance Day ceremonies at St. Francis of Assisi Middle School, G.W. Smith Elementary and Aspen Heights Elementary last November 2017.

Stolen Valour Canada contacted rdnewsNOW with their concerns that Toth was not as authentic as he was letting on. The group pointed out several flaws with the uniform he was wearing in pictures from the ceremonies, including wearing unauthorized camouflage and having pins and rank badges in wrong places.

“Based on our concerns, we contacted USMC experts, and they agree that this individual was likely never a Marine, and he is portraying one very poorly,” the group said at the time.

Based on SVC’s research, a local area friend / supporter made a formal complaint to the Red Deer RCMP Detachment which lead to an investigation, charges being laid followed by a trial and Toth’s conviction as a ‘valour thief”

Updated: Man posing as U.S. Marine sentenced

Byron S Rodriguez – He never visited Ellen’s Bar but, he had his nose amputated!

Former Master Corporal Byron s. Rodriguez (BRod/Lord Byron)

BRod was legitimately in Afghanistan twice with the Canadian Army, but as is usually the case, that wasn’t enough. Rodriguez claims that he was there three times. He claims that he was a paratrooper, but there is no record of him attending the training or serving in the Canadian Airborne Regiment, but he has the tattoo and t shirt, so it’s legit, eh?

Rodriguez was awarded the “Sacrifice Medal” (analogous to the Purple Heart for our US friends) because someone threw a rock towards his vehicle and hit him in the face, he used his own hands to reset his nose. He insisted on carrying on with the mission and delayed his medical treatment for five hours to allow other soldiers to be brought to safety while he standing in a pile of smoking’ brass cases and disintegrating links behind his gun.

When he did get medical attention, the attending medic used a computer to learn how to stitch his nose back together, Rodriguez said.

“Lord” Byron says he, had his nose “ampuated”, received a Gun Shot Wound to his leg, and contracted Taliban “cooties” which rendered him unemployable in medical laboratories!

He has also claimed to be a member of the Spanish Royal Family, is a multi-millionaire, attended UCLA on a baskeball scholarship, owns a luxury yacht, earned a Phd in Psychology, represented Canada as an Olympic athlete.

Not surprisingly, and mirroring what occurs with some regularity in the US, he has surfaced as the Vice President of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 70 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

The significant holes in his military records could be due to a series of long overlooked, administrative errors or, you can come to your own conclusion. However, his weak apology, and willingly coughing up the unearned medals and insignia has convinced us that he’s just another lying sack of shit!

Sacrifice Medal – Legitimately awarded,
General Campaign Star (South West Asia) with 1 rotation bar – Legit,
Canadian Peace Keeping Service Medal – No entitlement
United Nations Force in Cyprus Medal – No entitlement
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal – Legit
Canadian Forces Decoration – Legit
Wound Stripe – No record
Claims service in Bosnia – No record
Claims service in Cyprus – No record

Qualified Military Parachutist – No record
Member of the Canadian Airborne Regiment – No record but, he has the tattoos!
Qualified CQB instructor – No record.

Mr Rodriguez was contacted by SVC and given the opportunity to surrender the bogus items and apologize. A representative of SVC took the pictured items into his possession and arranged for their disposal by the authorities in Ottawa.

Jean-Pierre Isore – The most interesting man in the world?

“major” Jean-Pierre ISORE
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, PQ

This particular group of medals was featured on our platforms over a year ago. Based on a number of posters who proclaimed that the “major” was entirely legit, we stepped back, and had another look at this individual.

Interestingly, not one person could provide proof of his legitimacy although many commentators were adamant that Mr. Isore was a high level translator, a Major in the CAF and the l’Armée Française, a senior UN civilian employee, and even the Military Advisor to UN Secretary General (a position normally held by a 3 or 4-star General).

Now, before the question is asked and/or any arguments commence, ONLY MILITARY PERSONNEL and CIVILIAN POLICE are eligible to receive UN medals…

Mister Isore was neither a military officer in a Troop Contributing Nation (TCN) nor was he a member of the UN Civil Police (UNCIVPOL).

Over the course of past 12 months, SVC has taken the opportunity to continue our research, and we came across this story “…/La-sante-mentale-des-troupes-201410031141/default.aspx” (and many others), the translated excerpt is below.

“… Isore worked for intelligence and the United Nations during his career. In 1975 in Cyprus, a mine detonated his vehicle, killing his best friend. Isore leaves the army, suffering from severe post-traumatic stress. After trying to heal himself, he later resumes service but is a victim of a relapse and will experience several suicidal episodes. “Post-traumatic stress, he insists, is not curable. We can only make it livable“.

Now here’s the issue, the French Military has never deployed their personnel to Cyprus as members of UNFICYP, and the “major’ wasn’t there as a member of the CF. This supposed incident raised a number of red flags for us.

As a result of our research combined with the information provided by a number of solid sources, SVC believes that Isore’s military and peacekeeping narrative to be a complete fabrication.

Many of our followers will know the level of detail recorded in a mine strike report & there’s absolutely no record of UN vehicle/personnel being involved in one, as he describes it, during 1975 in Cyprus. (the list of mine strikes is attached as a photo image)

“major’ JP Isore was never the victim of a mine strike in Cyprus as he never served there!

A UNFICYP member killed in a mine strike would have been front-page news, interestingly, there’s not a single mention of the event in “The Blue Beret”. *.
(*Be advised, that the BLUE BERET link is a huge time waster that will result in flashbacks of Regina Street, Keo beer, Aya Napa and brandy sours!)

Our sources @ UNHQ in New York advise that no one named Isore (using his confirmed DOB) has ever served in the United Nations Organization as a civilian employee / translator / intelligence officer…

Mr Isore has also claimed to have been a Lieutenant in the French Armoured Corps during his mandatory military service in the early 1960s. “major” Isore has no proof of this claimed service as he burned all the records / photographs as they were too painful for him to keep.

There are only two possible explanations for this situation:

Mister Jean-Pierre Isore has been the victim of a massive administrative error spanning the several decades and several continents or, his claims are a complete fabrication and he has no lawful entitlement to any of the 7 UN medals that he wears at every opportunity…

He has ignored SV-C’s offers of assistance to silence his detractors once and for all by providing independently verifiable documentation supporting his claims.

Mr Isore remains active on social media & continues to speak out on veterans issues despite his caretaker / sock puppet / nurses’s claim that he has been blocked from accessing the internet due to his physical and mental fragility.

We’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions regarding his amazing claims.

Dave MacKenzie, he’s a trucker but, he ain’t a parachuting, black ops, Intelligence Services Colonel!

We were asked to have a look at this individual’s military service claims after he posted a video rant slagging a legitimate veteran on his Face Book page – Canadian Trucking Magazine. The video rant was removed from FB however, SVC has a copy of the entire steamin’ mess!

MacKenzie accused a former military cook of being a poser as he had displayed the shoulder flashes of two of Canada’s most famous infantry Regiments (the PPCLI and The Royal Canadian Regiment) on his cut.

The cook‘s regimental brothers and sisters have absolutely no concerns with him wearing the insignia. So, why did MacKenzie take issue?

Is he deflecting any scrutiny away from his claims of service as an intelligence officer who jumped into Sarajevo, BiH in order to run black ops?

Or, is ”the Colonel“ attempting to shift attention away from the US Army jump wings that he has never qualified for?

“Little Black Devil”

“I wear what I earned”

By all accounts, Mr MacKenzie has had a most amazing life, he’s been many places & he’s done many thing however, we’ll focus, as always, on his military narrative. The question now becomes, was he actually a trained Infantryman in the Royal Winnipeg Rifles and a qualified Intelligence Operator in the Winnipeg Detachment of 6 Intelligence Company as he has claimed?

Many Police Departments / Security companies wear military style rank however, there isn’t a single police force in Canada that uses the rank of Colonel with exception of the CAF’s Military Police…

You were never a Colonel, yet you have claimed that on many occasions which caused you considerable difficulty with the US Patriot Guard Riders and several other veteran’s riding clubs in the Winnipeg area.

Wearing the badges doesn’t make one a Colonel, nice tie though…

In fact, we offered Mr MacKenzie a courtesy that he didn’t offer to a decorated veteran before initiating his vile FB Live rant against him & his military service.

SVC has been in contact with MacKenzie and provided him with an opportunity to sort this situation by him providing independently verifiable proof of his military service. Even a serial numbered Intelligence Branch coin would have worked…

It’s really quite simple, he has stated on numerous occasions that he was a senior military officer and has been photographed wearing US parachutist’s insignia on at least two occasions. Prove it!

Time to cowboy up Mr MacKenzie, either provide proof of your claims or apologize to the greater veterans community for your shitbaggery & your personal attack on a legitimate, decorated veteran.

Welcome to Stolen Valour Canada

Now, you may have been asking where did the original SV-C Facebook page go?

After fours years of exposing fakes, posers and embellishers, the original SV-C page was unpublished / deleted by FB after we were accused of “violating community standards by encouraging drug use”!

Our thousands of followers will know that was never the case.

A manufactured claim against the page, and, by extension, the veterans who work diligently behind the scenes, has done what no others could. We were silenced, albeit temporarily, by the actions of cowards and their enablers!

Threats of legal action, law suits & physical violence against SVC members stiffened our resolve particularly, when the very same individuals who made those threats would get on their knees and beg us not to publish the details of their medallic fuckery™.

That being said, SVC is in the process in migrating all of our work to this platform AND we’ll have complete control of the information published. The added benefit is that we’ll be less vulnerable to malicious attacks by valour thieves and their supporters/enablers.

Our current FB, Twitter and IG accounts will remain active and assist us in getting our message out…

The message is, Stolen Valour Canada has absolutely no tolerance for those who make the decision to stand in the blood of our wounded and fallen.

30 May 2018

Lest We Forget