Report a Poser

To report a poser, fake or embellisher please contact us using the address below

A name and your specific concerns regarding the individual will get the ball rolling.

SVC is an all volunteer organization, and as such, our time to investigate complaints is limited and must be focused in order to achieve maximum effects.

So, help us, help you by providing the actual links / URL where the individual’s claims can be found such as news media stories, online pictures, social networking sites, etc.

We will contact you to request more details as required.

Please be advised, we have no access to official records however, researching regimental journals / tour books and consulting with corps / regimental associations, we can usually determine an individual’s entitlement to medals / insignia.

If we confirm that an individual is legitimate, you’ll be advised and we’ll close/delete the case.

We are 100 % discreet in our investigations, no one’s name will ever show up on our platforms without a full peer review of the facts and that’s after the individual has been given the opportunity to cowboy up, surrender the bogus items and apologize.

Any info we receive, which prompts an investigation, is also treated in the strictest confidence, names are never revealed to anyone and in the event a formal complaint is made to the authorities, our staff will take the lead.