MEDALS – by a SVC friend and guest commentator

I saw this posted on FB somewhere a while ago and unfortunately I don’t know who wrote this to credit them.

If you served your country be proud of yourself and what you did, not everyone gets deployed, many of those people do a lot of work here back here be it rear party helping out a deployed member’s family taking the stress and worries away so that they can focus on their mission.

I have great pride in my service even though I wasn’t kicking down doors or jumping out of airplanes.

I twisted wrenches, changed engines, transmissions, differentials, wiper blades, oil changes, doing recoveries, following along with a combat team to support their mission if something broke down or, in time of tragedy, when a vehicle hit an IED.

Receiving a thanks, a hug, bottle of water, pat on the back, exchange of reading material, etc meant more to me than a medal on my chest because to this day I still get a thanks or acknowledgement from people.

That’s what the brotherhood (and sisterhood too) is all about…


A proud RCEME mechanic

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