Johann JEPPE – Code name “SIMBA” – Fake South African SF Operator

Mr Jeppe had been on our radar for quite some time after he claimed to have been a highly decorated reconnaissance commando – a member of ”the RECCES”. However, it took the assistance of a former South African Army Paratrooper and a SF Operator to join the dots for us and put SVC in contact with the SASF Association. The association have published a letter refuting his commando claims and posted him up on their website Wall of Shame – March 2020.
It’s amazing to the lengths that individuals will go in order to create a military persona. Imagine, (1) creating a bogus email account / website to communicate with with individuals / organizations.  The bogus account is hosted by fastdomains in Burlington, Massachusetts. Now, why would a South African Special Forces unit need to use a US based web host?

(2) send an email from the bogus account stating that the individual is a highly decorated SF operator, AND (3)  providing a number and code name that only a legitimate operator would know as confirmation of their service…  Nice try “Simba”! 

Did this fella actually make the trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro or, did he just make it as far as the park entrance for a photo op?

Jeppe’s claim to be a recipient of the Honoris Crux (Silver) / Cross of Honour (Silver), a military decoration which was awarded to members of the South African Defence Force for exceptional bravery in great danger. 

Every recipient is known and their names are listed on-line, Jeppe isn’t on the list!

This fake has more nerve than a toothache, pretending to be a South African recce commando. Obviously, he figured that no one in Calgary would question his claims of military service on the other side of the world…

Here’s a news flash Jeppe, there’s an international movement to stop individuals like you from standing in blood of the wounded and fallen. 

It’s long past time for you to surrender the bogus uniform, medals and insignia and apologize for you actions. 

Yet, his supporters still chirp us… May 2022
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  1. You should really check your facts before shaming a veteran like this.
    I served with Mr. Jeppe for several years. It’s a shame what you are doing and it’s also a shame that you use fact finding techniques and documents forged from ex “special forces” commanders that have no clue or any historical events on the South African special forces pre-1990.

    Shame on this site

  2. And to my previous comment. The fact that you would shame a soldier who didn’t even serve in the Canadian military for trying toraise money and making national news for doing good for the veteran.

    Sickens me

  3. He is a fraud, a liar, a faker. His claims make him a criminal. He could have done charity work without being a cosplay commandos. He spits in the blood of real veterans. He should hang his head in shame.

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