“Rear Admiral” Ian Dewar-Adair CBE DSO – His battleship has sunk!

He‘s not an Admiral,
Not a recipient of the Commander of the British Empire,
Not a recipient of the Distinguished Service Order,
Not the recipient of the US Navy Cross or Silver Star, and
Didn’t serve in the Vietnam War.
However, he likes to inspect cadets dressed up his naval finery…

Based on his stellar military career and the experience gained in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, he’ll offer you advice on creating the perfect CV and how to dress for success!

SVC made several attempts to contact the “Admiral”, although the signals were receipted, there has been no response from the Admiral, his Flag Lieutenant, his staff secretary nor his Chief Yeoman.

We can only assume he’s leading the fleet from his flagship

SVC has been able to uncover exclusive footage of the “Admiral” leading his forces into action!

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