Andrew Robert FARROW – The Bad Lieutenant

Mr Andrew Robert FARROW of Nanaimo BC / Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario, claims he was an Artillery Officer with 2 combat tours in A’stan, and alludes to deploying with Nichola Goddard and Jeff Francis both Gunner officers who were KIA in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

At every opportunity he wore the SWASM, the GCS (SWA) and jump wings with a silver maple leaf, indicating that he served in a designated parachutist billet.

He says that he led a hand-chosen group of guys on “suicide missions”. They were selected from Canadian and American Special Forces and were specially trained to conduct high altitude jumps out of Blackhawk helicopters “behind enemy lines.” 

Farrow tells how he signed a “non-disclosure” agreement with the military so cannot speak about his service in Afghanistan.

But, he’ll tell you of his many battles including some that involved hand-to-hand killing with a knife. He has seven confirmed kills, and has a tattoo indicating that on his back! 

The reality, he was a training pipeline failure from the Artillery School and never saw full regimental duty in the RCA. At some point after his release from the Canadian Army, Farrow made the decision to stand in the blood of our wounded and fallen by publicly wearing medals and insignia without lawful authority. 

Mr Farrow had a bit of a set back while he was a student at the Artillery School, sentenced to nine months house arrest would have necessitated some creative scheduling by the instructional staff.

It seems that involvement with a veterans organization (RCL Branch 10, Harewood /Nanaimo BC) led to him be “legitimately” awarded the Queens’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. 

Given the number of reports we received regarding this individual, we followed our SOP and contacted him in order to sort out the situation.

When SVC contacted him, he said that “he had taken care of this a year ago, destroyed the items and apologized to his veteran buddies…”

He then asked if he could make a donation to the Poppy Fund or to this organization in order to make amends. Of course, he wanted his commitment to not wear the bogus items in the future to be kept quiet.

SVC’s response Not good enough, you wore the medals and wings in public and, you need surrender the unearned items and provide a public apology for your actions … 

In typical poser fashion, he claimed significant health issues, gave the standard excuses as to why didn’t want his actions exposed and then immediately scrubbed his social media platforms of the pics of all other military themed images. However, scrubbing the military themed images for one’s personal FB page doesn’t erase one’s digital footprint from the inter-webs.

Farrow was less than truthful with SVC when he emphatically stated that he had destroyed the bogus items and had apologized to his veteran friends over a year ago…

Well, Mr FARROW, we are calling BULLSHIT on your overly emotional claims that you had ended your medallic fuckery™ and general shit-baggery.

Lest We Forget, indeed.

Of course, there’s “minor issue” with the Airborne Gunner ink…

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