Milan KRES – an update

Way back in 2017, SVC was asked to look at the claims being made by Milan Helmut KRES of Edmonton Alberta. He claimed to have been an airborne soldier and special forces operator who had deployed on operations world wide and lost men in battle.

His claims resulted in considerable discussion in veterans forums and we took every effort to contact him in order to sort out the situation…

His response?

Kres deleted the images of the medals, insignia and certificates and went silent.

Perhaps, he heard foot steps after SVC initiated the “Shameless Sunday” showcase of unrepentant posers, fakes and embellishers who had yet to responsibility for their actions.

After 3 years of silence Mr Kres contacted us last week and stated that he wanted to make amends and asked what steps he had to take in order to do so.

As the window to pursue criminal charges against him had long since closed, Kres was advised that a public apology for his reprehensible actions would be a starting point.

He was further advised that surrendering the bogus medals, badges, insignia and certificates for appropriate disposal action would confirm his commitment to never use them as props in a game of military make believe.

A SVC representative met with Kres on 4 August 2020 and took control of assorted bogus items. These items will be properly disposed of / placed on display in military facilities as appropriate or applicable.

SVC has now closed the file on this matter.

Now y’all know, we’re a patient bunch…

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