Dave MacKenzie, he’s a trucker but, he ain’t a parachuting, black ops, Intelligence Services Colonel!

We were asked to have a look at this individual’s military service claims after he posted a video rant slagging a legitimate veteran on his Face Book page – Canadian Trucking Magazine. The video rant was removed from FB however, SVC has a copy of the entire steamin’ mess!

MacKenzie accused a former military cook of being a poser as he had displayed the shoulder flashes of two of Canada’s most famous infantry Regiments (the PPCLI and The Royal Canadian Regiment) on his cut.

The cook‘s regimental brothers and sisters have absolutely no concerns with him wearing the insignia. So, why did MacKenzie take issue?

Is he deflecting any scrutiny away from his claims of service as an intelligence officer who jumped into Sarajevo, BiH in order to run black ops?

Or, is ”the Colonel“ attempting to shift attention away from the US Army jump wings that he has never qualified for?

“Little Black Devil”

“I wear what I earned”

By all accounts, Mr MacKenzie has had a most amazing life, he’s been many places & he’s done many thing however, we’ll focus, as always, on his military narrative. The question now becomes, was he actually a trained Infantryman in the Royal Winnipeg Rifles and a qualified Intelligence Operator in the Winnipeg Detachment of 6 Intelligence Company as he has claimed?

Many Police Departments / Security companies wear military style rank however, there isn’t a single police force in Canada that uses the rank of Colonel with exception of the CAF’s Military Police…

You were never a Colonel, yet you have claimed that on many occasions which caused you considerable difficulty with the US Patriot Guard Riders and several other veteran’s riding clubs in the Winnipeg area.

Wearing the badges doesn’t make one a Colonel, nice tie though…

In fact, we offered Mr MacKenzie a courtesy that he didn’t offer to a decorated veteran before initiating his vile FB Live rant against him & his military service.

SVC has been in contact with MacKenzie and provided him with an opportunity to sort this situation by him providing independently verifiable proof of his military service. Even a serial numbered Intelligence Branch coin would have worked…

It’s really quite simple, he has stated on numerous occasions that he was a senior military officer and has been photographed wearing US parachutist’s insignia on at least two occasions. Prove it!

Time to cowboy up Mr MacKenzie, either provide proof of your claims or apologize to the greater veterans community for your shitbaggery & your personal attack on a legitimate, decorated veteran.

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  1. What the hell is that abortion he’s wearing as a cap badge in the 2nd left photo? Sure doesn’t look like any CAF cap badge I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

  2. The cap badge appears to be an old Intelligence cap badge used from post WW2. If he was really an Intelligence Operator / Officer, he would have been wearing the Thunderbird.

    I am a former Intelligence Warrant, (SWASM, GCS, SSM, CPSM, UNDOF, CD) so this POS really offends me. I had a friend of mine who is a trucker who liked this guy’s FB page, so I sent him the link to here for his SA. LOL!
    Mackenzie recently posted a video this past Nov 11, 2021 telling a story about how the cadets were so well trained they went south and easily signed up to be Green Berets and went to fight in Vietnam. He drones on forever and you want to punch the screen by the time he sums up.

  3. Just want to add he would have been wearing the Thunderbird for the 70’s. The branch switched to the new badge and separated form the security branch in 1982. He would have never worn the Canadian Intelligence Corps Badge.

  4. I was in the MP’s at Minto Armoury in the 70’s. Some of the intelligence section did wear the old Int cap badge as there were not enough Thunderbirds to go to reserve MP and Int units. Some of our guys wore the Provost badge for that same reason. This guy was in the Int (right next door to us) for a very very brief time. He was also the “chief” of a one man police department north of Winnipeg for a little while. But ya, he’s a death dealer and a master spy…

  5. DB you mention, “he was the Int (right next door to us) for a very very brief time.” what exactly do you mean. Was he filling an intelligence gathering role due to a vacancy? I know there are sections that fill an intelligence gathering position, but that doesn’t mean they are trained intelligence operators. The cap badge he is wearing isn’t the provost badge it’s one I’m sure he purchased off the internet. I checked his FB page and he is also wearing the Intelligence Branch badge on his vest on the right side. As never having been in the Branch he has Zero right to be wearing this. I have to stop looking at this guy as he just pisses me off to no end and not worth my time.

    • What I’m meaning is that the Int Section was physically next door to our guard room. They were a reserve Intelligence unit. He was not with them long enough to get his TQ1 for intelligence, much less anything else more advanced. He might not have even finished basic. He was not ever an MP. And like I said, there was a shortage of Thunderbirds so most of the Int guys wore the old Int cap badge, while some of us MP’s wore the Provost badge. In fact, when I went to Borden for my basic MP qualification, I was wearing the Provost badge. It did not go over well with the instructors who had actually been Provost!

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