Jean-Pierre Isore – The most interesting man in the world?

“major” Jean-Pierre ISORE
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, PQ

This particular group of medals was featured on our platforms over a year ago. Based on a number of posters who proclaimed that the “major” was entirely legit, we stepped back, and had another look at this individual.

Interestingly, not one person could provide proof of his legitimacy although many commentators were adamant that Mr. Isore was a high level translator, a Major in the CAF and the l’Armée Française, a senior UN civilian employee, and even the Military Advisor to UN Secretary General (a position normally held by a 3 or 4-star General).

Now, before the question is asked and/or any arguments commence, ONLY MILITARY PERSONNEL and CIVILIAN POLICE are eligible to receive UN medals…

Mister Isore was neither a military officer in a Troop Contributing Nation (TCN) nor was he a member of the UN Civil Police (UNCIVPOL).

Over the course of past 12 months, SVC has taken the opportunity to continue our research, and we came across this story “…/La-sante-mentale-des-troupes-201410031141/default.aspx” (and many others), the translated excerpt is below.

“… Isore worked for intelligence and the United Nations during his career. In 1975 in Cyprus, a mine detonated his vehicle, killing his best friend. Isore leaves the army, suffering from severe post-traumatic stress. After trying to heal himself, he later resumes service but is a victim of a relapse and will experience several suicidal episodes. “Post-traumatic stress, he insists, is not curable. We can only make it livable“.

Now here’s the issue, the French Military has never deployed their personnel to Cyprus as members of UNFICYP, and the “major’ wasn’t there as a member of the CF. This supposed incident raised a number of red flags for us.

As a result of our research combined with the information provided by a number of solid sources, SVC believes that Isore’s military and peacekeeping narrative to be a complete fabrication.

Many of our followers will know the level of detail recorded in a mine strike report & there’s absolutely no record of UN vehicle/personnel being involved in one, as he describes it, during 1975 in Cyprus. (the list of mine strikes is attached as a photo image)

“major’ JP Isore was never the victim of a mine strike in Cyprus as he never served there!

A UNFICYP member killed in a mine strike would have been front-page news, interestingly, there’s not a single mention of the event in “The Blue Beret”. *.
(*Be advised, that the BLUE BERET link is a huge time waster that will result in flashbacks of Regina Street, Keo beer, Aya Napa and brandy sours!)

Our sources @ UNHQ in New York advise that no one named Isore (using his confirmed DOB) has ever served in the United Nations Organization as a civilian employee / translator / intelligence officer…

Mr Isore has also claimed to have been a Lieutenant in the French Armoured Corps during his mandatory military service in the early 1960s. “major” Isore has no proof of this claimed service as he burned all the records / photographs as they were too painful for him to keep.

There are only two possible explanations for this situation:

Mister Jean-Pierre Isore has been the victim of a massive administrative error spanning the several decades and several continents or, his claims are a complete fabrication and he has no lawful entitlement to any of the 7 UN medals that he wears at every opportunity…

He has ignored SV-C’s offers of assistance to silence his detractors once and for all by providing independently verifiable documentation supporting his claims.

Mr Isore remains active on social media & continues to speak out on veterans issues despite his caretaker / sock puppet / nurses’s claim that he has been blocked from accessing the internet due to his physical and mental fragility.

We’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions regarding his amazing claims.

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