Fake veteran Todd Lawson LaTourrette saws off own arm!

Better Call Saul’ actor Todd Lawson LaTourrette admits sawing off own arm, posing as wounded war veteran to further career. It worked!

  • Todd Lawson LaTourrette says he was in the middle of a psychotic episode when he used a power saw to chop off his right forearm
  • He then pretended to be a war veteran to get acting roles but says the guilt has been too much and he wants to come clean…

This dude leveraged his self inflicted injury in a sympathy play to secure lucrative acting roles. He knew exactly what he was doing, taking advantage of his employer’s desire to “support our vets” and, that may have given him an edge over other applicants!

So, what’s the fallout from buddy’s shitbaggery?

Another group of employers will likely look at injured / wounded vets as a potential scam artists…

Meanwhile, many legitimate vets have to jump through the fiery hoops of hell in order to secure their entitlements / meaningful employment.

Thanks for nothing Mr Latourette!


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