Mark N.S. HALDEN III – CO ST4? No, he’s a weasel in frogman’s clothing…

We have Senior Chief Don Shipley’s confirmation that Mr Mark Halden, who has been known to wander around St Catharines, Ontario wearing choker whites trading war stories for free drinks, was never a SEAL. (RECORDED HISTORY)


Halden was born in 1955 so, it’s most unlikely that he was a 18 – 20 year old USN Naval Flight Officer /  F4 Phantom back-seater flying in the Vietnam War. The USN stopped flying combat missions in 1973 although, an aircraft carrier remained on station until 1975. (SIMPLE ARITHMETIC)

His claim of being blowed up in Beirut in 1983 doesn’t really matter either as he was never there. But, he has no problem insulting the service and sacrifice of those who were there.

Victims of the Marine Corps Barracks bombing Beruit Lebanon 23 Oct 1983.


From a SVC Supporter

Mr Halden was encouraged by SVC to stop his military masquerading, apologize for his reprehensible actions, surrender the bogus uniform / insignia for appropriate disposal action and just fade away…

On the morning of 3 Dec 2018, Halden emailed us a series of images, confirmed that uniform / insignia would be sent to the US Consulate in Toronto, and committed to never wearing any uniform again.

SVC will follow the words of US President Ronald Reagan from 1986 “Trust, but verify” /  “Doveryai no proveryai”





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