Mismanaged Valour? Nice try “captain landmine”!


Terry Birch
Cornwall, Ontario

Terry “captain landmine” Birch of Cornwall, Ontario really should have taken our offer, made in July 2019, to assist in extracting himself from his many years of medallic fuckery™.

Mr Birch was contacted and we detailed the significant issues with his military narrative and the medals he wore. Yet, he chose to play the internet tough guy with the assistance and support of his enablers and gullible supporters.

When this deception was exposed, Birch should have had the common decency to (1) publicly apologize for his reprehensible actions, (2) recant his ridiculous claim of being wounded in action by a landmine strike in Montreal, (3) surrendered the unearned medals for appropriate disposal action and, (4) returned the Sovereign’s Volunteer Medal (SVM) to Rideau Hall.

These steps would have cleared his conscience, demonstrated a modicum of honesty and protected the integrity of the honours and awards system.


But, look at where we are now.

After an Article 3 Hearing held at the Cornwall Royal Canadian Legion on 12 Oct 2019; Birch was found to have brought discredit to the organization by way of his actions. He received a yet undisclosed censure from the Cornwall legion branch and was escorted off the property.

The Cornwall Police Service investigation has concluded and Mr Birch is facing criminal charges (x3) under Section 419 of the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC) – Unlawful Use Of Military Uniforms or Certificates. Birch attended court in Cornwall, 12 December 2019. Apparently, he attempted to plead guilty however, the judge refused to accept the plea at this time. He’ll be back in court 0930 14 January 2020.


Should he be convicted, Rideau Hall will be lobbied to review the circumstances of his award of the Sovereign’s Volunteers Medal with the goal of having it revoked.

That’s quite the legacy “captain landmine”!

**** UPDATE****

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  1. So this jerk just gets away with this. What a crock of shit. When I was outed for Stolen Valor it was if a knife was stuck through me. To this very day I am ashamed of what I did. But this? This fucking hurts. You say who am I? I’m the guy that fucked up but had the nuts to admit it and to do something about it. I highly dought you will or hear or see anything about Terry Birch right up until this puke does it again.

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