John Peter SPANIS – Not a Commando!

John Peter SPANIS has been a regular attendee at military themed events in the Windsor, Ontario area over the past few years. He routinely wears what can be described as an “airborne themed clown suit” that could only be created by a blind monkey on the clothing stores loading dock!

He’s now used his bogus commando / veteran status to involve himself into the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge as a rumour monger / self appointed facilitator (Feb 2022). Not surprisingly, the self proclaimed “Guy in Burgundy”, doesn’t appear on the records of the Canadian Airborne Regiment (CAR). It also seems that Spanis has a penchant for fanciful outfits and titles and the airborne suit is just one of his costumes.

BTW, the colour is MAROON you fookin’ moron!

Mr SPANIS can contact us and we’ll happily assist in determining his truths including any entitlement to wear the Canadian Airborne Regiment hat badge / maroon beret and parachutist wings.

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