Odd & Sods – B Team Posers, they really aren’t worth our time…

Bradley James Latus, Calgary, Alberta

Len Francis
Calgary, Alberta.
Thanks to another honest, questioning medal mounter…
Brad Chalmers – Edmonton, Alberta
No, the PPCLI doesn’t have a new assortment of regimental ties…
Ed Duggan – Elliot Lake, On.
Just stop…
Garon Yablon – GrandePrairie, Ab
Mark Dobell – a former ResF medical assistant, never a jumper.
Mar 2023

Pierre Addy, just a sack of shit…
An individual of the “naval persuasion” @ Cari-West Carnival, Edmonton – 6 August 2022. 
The jump wings and Canadian Forces Decoration are nice additions to his outfit…
Michael John SIMKANIN, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
Never a CF jumper, just a bullshitter…
Rachelle PRIMEAU aka “Master Corporal Cornflake”
Nice piercing, it compliments her dog tags!
Upper Ottawa Valley, Ontario
We recently found this image behind a filing cabinet in our secret underground bunker located deep in the Canadian Shield, someone heard some footsteps… March 2021
Chris Dorman
Calgary, Alberta

This image, from Springhill, Nova Scotia, doesn’t meet our criteria for stolen valour.
Mounting an “army cadet long service medal” alongside medals awarded by the Crown is a protocol issue although, the dog tags are a nice touch…
Please stop sending us this pic!

“Staff Sergeant”
Michael KERR aka Michael Bryan KERR
Calgary, Alberta
Mr Kerr claims to be a steely eyed, snake eatin’ killer killer from the skies who served in 10 Special Forces Group. He’s awarded himself the Combat Infantry, Combat Medic and Combat Action Badges along with the Silver Star Medal and the Soldier’s Medal. He’ll flash ya a SF challenge coin as “proof” of his service if questioned on his claims…
Dude, just stop!
November 2018

Mr Marty Gow of Toronto Ontario
Tells amazing tales of his service with the Parachute Regiment in Northern Ireland and Down South in the Falklands. According to our Brit partners at Stolen Valour UK, none of them are true…
On his now scrubbed FB page, there were several images that Marty claimed to be featured in, we now know that they are random pics from the interwebs including a screen grab from the movie “Bloody Sunday”.
There’s no evidence of the South Atlantic Medal but, there’s a truck load of bling mixed in with what appears to be the General Service Medal and a Long Service & Good Conduct medal.
Of course, the “Queen‘s Sapphire Jubilee Medal” is always an interesting addition to one’s medallic fuckery. May 2019.

Reverend Ron Watson, Vernon BC.
He lost that lovin’ feelin’ in a peeler bar… The “holy man” surrendered his fake uniform items and a Navy League ID card to the local police. July 2017

“Captain” Daniel Roy
Toronto, On.
Birds of a feather, a fake SEAL and a fake Ninja Commando Skytrooper… https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2011/06/17/spike_in_navy_seal_imposters_after_bin_ladens_death.html
Johannes St Clair De Guise
Winnipeg, Mb
Stephane Fillion, Montreal
Former air cadet and “celebrity chef”
The Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, the Canada 125th Medal, ribbon-less Strathcona Medal and Vandoo buttons add to his je ne sais quoi…
It’s been done, this dude just decided to bolt on the Victoria Cross!
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