He’s no Gunny Highway.


He claims to have been a “US Navy Master Chief” was observed participating in a Remembrance Day event in Westmount / Montreal on 5 November 2023 while wearing a US Marine Corps Master Sergeant’s uniform.

His incredible group of medals / insignia and his slovenly dress caught the attention of a number of individuals and they contacted us with their concerns. 

The personal awards that Mr WEST, the name he provided to the Remembrance Day organizers, was photographed wearing include the Navy Cross, US Navy’s second highest award for heroism in combat and the Airforce Cross, the USAF’s second highest award for heroism in combat along with the Silver Star, the United States 3rd highest award for heroism in combat. 

Also in mix, the Navy and Marine Corps Medal is the Navy’s highest award for bravery in a non combat situation. This medal was  awarded to former US President Lt John F Kennedy for his actions after the sinking of PT 109 and US Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley for heroism during a search and rescue mission and US Navy Master Chief Carl Brashear for recovering a lost nuclear weapon. 

These high level awards prompted us to take a deeper dive into his claims. He’s also wearing the Bronze Star awarded for valour / meritorious service and the Purple Heart indicating he was wounded in action.

We searched the US DoDs data bases of Navy Cross and Air Force Cross recipients including those of the Viet Nam War era, amazingly, no one named West / Greyfeather / Oneinjun is listed…



So, the questions now become, is West / Greyfeather / Oneinjun a lying sack of shit, a stolen valourist or a military fantasist?

Or, is he a victim of a decades old administrative error in which files were not updated / lost? 

SVC is prepared to assist this individual in determining his truth…

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