A number of individuals have been charged and convicted under s419 Criminal Code of Canada, our “Stolen Valour” law including Toth, Lemmond, Gervais, Cooper, Janssens, Fancy, Donoghue, Kelso, Gervais, Hastings, Miller, Osborne, French and Simon Rothschild (aka De Rothschild, McDonald, Surfer, Meyer, Weinstein, Costello…)

They are showcased on our platforms and eventually they’ll be featured in this gallery.

FYI, Our research is provided to the Law Enforcement Agency having geographical jurisdiction. What they do with it, is up to their leadership and/or the Crown Prosecutor, and those decisions are made based on departmental caseloads, higher priority files, budgets, time lines (charges must be laid within 1 year of the alleged offence). 

SVC is pleased to report that we have played a significant role in the investigation of many of these cases including a fake who received one of the largest fines in Canadian history for “stolen valour”. 

Of course, the best case scenario is the individual being charged and prosecuted and convicted, next is having the individual surrender the bogus items and provide a written apology for their medallic fuckery™. 

Considering that no one was being charged for stolen valour until 10 years ago, we’re doing pretty well… 

Clayton Donoghue

Peter Miklos Toth

Simon “Many Names” de Rothschild

Robert Cooper

He received a $1500 fine, 1 year supervised probation and 10 hours community service for his medallic fuckery™.

Richard Fancy

Reduced in rank to Warrant Officer and a $300 fine.

Mark Osborne

Donald “Uncle Donny” Lemmond

Eric Janssens

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