Is Sudbury, Ontario Canada’s Stolen Valour Capital?

Over the past several years SVC has received dozens of complaints of fraudulent and most likely criminal wear of medals and military insignia by Sudbury area residents.

We’ve also heard the military themed fairy tales from jungle fighters, sole survivors, Prince Philip’s bodyguard, prisoners of war and even a participant in a secret firefight involving the Royal Newfoundland Regiment against Hezbollah on the slopes of Golan Heights…

With absolutely no appetite shown by the area police departments in pursuing criminal charges under s419 of the Criminal Code of Canada, concerned veterans have discretely contacted the many individuals who were wearing unearned medals and insignia and successfully negotiated the surrender the items for appropriate disposal action.

This met the SVC goal of separating the individuals from the items that they had no entitlement to wear however, many high profile, stolen valourists continue their live action role playing / medal wear with impunity.

Who is providing top cover to fake Vietnam POW Kenneth Laroche and why?

Laroche claims to be a highly decorated US Marine and Vietnam POW is connected with a number of so called veterans support group. He has been active with the War Pensioner’s Canada (WPC), he routinely carries their organizational flag in parades and has been a frequent flyer on our media platforms.

There have been others who have been showcased for their medallic fuckery™️ yet, despite their exposure as fakes, posers and embellishers they continue to insult the service and sacrifice of our wounded and fallen by juicing up their military themed fairy tales with unauthorized US military medals or privately purchased fantasy medals that lack any official standing.

Now, an embellisher and military fantasist who is regularly featured in the local press has resurfaced. His claim to fame – service with the US Military during Op Urgent Fury, the invasion of Grenada in 1983.

Ex Corporal Paul Abbott has been showcased as a “super special soldier” who routinely crows his combat service in Grenada.  Disgustingly, he continues to participate in military themed events while fraudulently wearing the US Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (non-US service personnel are ineligible to receive US campaign medals) and Combat Infantry Badge as a member of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Sgt Charles Golden “Silver Star” Rifle Team.

Why do the so called leaders of Sudbury area veterans organizations permit posers, fakes and embellishers to be members of their groups? Perhaps, a deeper dive into their membership is warranted?

The Silver Star is the US military’s 3rd highest decoration for valour in combat. Why are these military fantasists wearing it?   

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A Captain-General? Not bloody likely…

A notorious scammer has resurfaced in the Qualicum Beach, BC area. This dude claims to be an infantry Captain, chef, engineer, sniper and pilot with 30 years of service. He tells a tale that he was recently recalled to duty as a Brigadier General assigned to sort the “current situation in the CAF”.

Apparently, his military file, some of it written in blood, is top secret, sealed and guarded.

Additional details will be provided as they become available. (SVC 3/7/2022)

If you didn’t earn it, don’t wear it!

The owner of this group of medals has absolutely no entitlement to the General Campaign Star (SWA), the General Service Medal (Expedition), the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal nor the second clasp on the CD.
No surprise that he wouldn’t / couldn’t produce his MPRR or any other documentation when the medal mounter requested to confirm his medallic entitlement. The questions were asked after it was discovered that the group contained medals that should have been named and weren’t.
His actual entitlement is the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal (2002), the CF Decoration with 1 clasp and the Alberta Centennial Medal, that’s all. He served for over 22 years in the CF (Res/Reg) and received the appropriate recognition, that’s something that he should’ve been proud of.

His actual medallic entitlement, mounted and returned to the individual.

Of course, the privately purchased, British bling medals are junk and shouldn’t be mounted with actual Canadian medals.
We’ve made the decision to publish these images without any identifying info for the “encouragement of others”. The message to this embellisher and those like him – they are being watched and their medallic fuckery ™️ is unacceptable, particularly to those of us who lost friends in the sandbox.

The unnamed General Campaign Star (SWA), had this individual actually served in Afghanistan as he claimed, his particulars would be engraved on it…

It’s really quite simple, if you didn’t earn it, don’t wear it.
Of course, he’ll remain on our watch list in perpetuity…

Sylvain HAMEL – Super Advanced Fuckery™️

We were asked to review a number of photographic images of retired “Sergeant” Sylvain HAMEL of the R22eR who resides in Bromont, Quebec. 

Of note, (top row, centre image and right image) Hamel is wearing the ribbon of the UN Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina (UMINBH) on his military themed RCL costume, less than 400 Canadians were awarded this medal, the vast majority being CIVPOL members along with a small number of CF personnel employed at the Mine Action Centre. In the other images, he’s wearing the UNPROFOR Medal.

The Persian Gulf and Kuwait (PG&K) Medal with bar became the focus of research as not one individual could vouch for his service in the operational theatre between September 1990 and March 1991.

So, where was Hamel during the December 1990 to March 1991 time frame?
He wasn’t in Doha, Qatar guarding our air force assets with Cie C 1er R22eR nor was he chasing Scuds with another recently exposed Gulf War fake. Like everyone else, military or civilian, he was probably watching events unfold on the 24 hour news channels.

IAW our well established SOP, we contacted Hamel via email on 25 Mar 2022 in order to provide him an opportunity to sort out the reported situation.  He chose not to respond however, he immediately scrubbed his social media pages by removing every image of him wearing CF uniforms, medals and insignia.  Hamel also resigned from his position as 1st Vice President a Royal Canadian Legion “Quebec Command” effective 28 Mar 2022.

Now, why would a legitimate veteran do that?

The rest of the story

The Special Service Medal (NATO) is conspicuously absent from his group of medals. Interestingly, had he actually served in Canadian Forces (Europe) he would have been awarded this medal like every member of C Coy, 1st Bn R22eR who deployed to Qatar. 

The Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, UN Protection Force (UNPROFOR), NATO (Former Yugoslavia) Medals and the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) are as questionable as the basic parachutist wings he wears. The situation is further confused as Hamel also wears the ribbon of the UN Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina (UNMIBH) which is a separate and distinct mission from UNPROFOR. The ribbons aren’t interchangeable!

Mr Hamel should have publicly apologized for claiming to be a decorated Infantryman with 22 years of service including deployments to the Persian Gulf and in the former Yugoslavia.

He should have surrendered the uniforms, medals and insignia that he wore without lawful authority for appropriate disposal action. 

Those actions may have saved him a visit from law enforcement authorities carrying a copy of s419 of the Criminal Code of Canada. However, we’ll now wait for the outcome of the ongoing police investigation (file number # 003 Dunham SQ.) 

Mr Hamel is not a fuckery neophyte, he has been presenting himself as a decorated veteran for decades!

Je me souviens

Oh Sergeant Major!

MWO (Ret’d) Roch Lanteigne MSM CD is a former infantryman / paratrooper with over 42 years of military service. 

The “old wolf” saw service in Cyprus, the Golan Heights, Afghanistan and in Somalia where he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. 

By his request, he was terminated from the Order of Military, this resulted in speculation as to why he walk away from this most prestigious honour… 
Lanteigne’s medals, the ribbons pictured above, which he wore were reviewed and immediately a number of issues regarding his actual entitlement became apparent. There’s absolutely no evidence that he was awarded the Order of St John and the Medal of Bravery.

There’s no record of Lanteigne being awarded the Order of St John nor the Medal of Bravery
. Nor could we find any evidence of him being awarded the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal or the Canada 125th Medal. His wear of the St John Ambulance Gold Lifesaving Medal is also problematic…

Was this a result of a series of administrative errors or was it something more sinister? 

Should you have the desire, have a look at these links and form your own opinion.

So, the question becomes – Is this much more than a “simple resignation” from the ORMM? 

Are there additional medals in play?

John Peter SPANIS – Not a Commando!

John Peter SPANIS has been a regular attendee at military themed events in the Windsor, Ontario area over the past few years. He routinely wears what can be described as an “airborne themed clown suit” that could only be created by a blind monkey on the clothing stores loading dock!

He’s now used his bogus commando / veteran status to involve himself into the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge as a rumour monger / self appointed facilitator (Feb 2022). Not surprisingly, the self proclaimed “Guy in Burgundy”, doesn’t appear on the records of the Canadian Airborne Regiment (CAR). It also seems that Spanis has a penchant for fanciful outfits and titles and the airborne suit is just one of his costumes.

BTW, the colour is MAROON you fookin’ moron!

Mr SPANIS can contact us and we’ll happily assist in determining his truths including any entitlement to wear the Canadian Airborne Regiment hat badge / maroon beret and parachutist wings.

So, you’re a Sniper, eh?

From a friend of SVC

“This came up as a memory this morning. It still holds true as they keep coming out of the wood work.

I copied and pasted instead of sharing as I had to do some editing.

With American Sniper coming to theatres there will be an influx of fake snipers. I’m going to go into my Don Shipley impersonation. If he can do it for Navy SEALS I can do it for Canadian Snipers and at 53 I still have enough hair to pull it off and I sport a decent beard like Don too.

After my buddy XXXXX barked off that crazy long distance shot sending some Taliban flunky to paradise we started to see an influx of “Snipers”.  These guys would pop up at pubs. Legions and Veteran organizations. I have seen a ton of guys walking around wearing a sniper tab on a motorcycle vest, few legit, most not.

Some basic math here.  When I squeaked by passing my course by the short hairs of my ass and received the qualification, with the addition of the 8 from 9201, that brought the total of qualified Snipers in the CF up to 44. That is all.

44 snipers spread across three Regiments.  During this time the shit show in the Balkans was going on and the value of Snipers was recognized so the Army increased the number of courses it was running to accommodate the need.

Attrition rates on courses vary, most graduate 50% or LESS of the Candidates and there was one course that graduated only one. Another course was over half way through the time allotted  because everyone failed.

At one veteran motorcycle Poker run there was a chance encounter where there were three of us in one location. That is rare. On Remembrance Day I happened to run into another young man who held the qualification.  He was legit.

After we did the sniff test and asked each other a barrage of bizarre random questions that only a qualified Sniper would know the answers to, we started to shoot the shit. By his best guess there are less than 200 qualified Snipers in the Canadian Army at this time. The number is neither accurate or verified but is believable.

Point is that there are not very many of us out there and chances of meeting a qualified Sniper are pretty damn slim. The fact is you are more likely to meet a CF 18 pilot than a sniper.

Without giving too much away basic alarm bells are.

1-If they aren’t or weren’t Regular Force they aren’t a Sniper.  The course is only open to the Regular Army. If a Reservist holds the qualification he was Regular Army and got it then.

2-If they are not Infantry they are not eligible for the course. You must also be Basic Reconnaissance Patrolman qualified as a prerequisite. The Sniper course is not open to other trades.

3-There were guys employed in Sniper type roles with the C3-A1 rifle that did not hold the qualification.  They are SHARPSHOOTERS, not Snipers.  To be a Sniper you must pass the course and gain the qualification.

4- If they are currently employed as a Sniper they aren’t telling a total stranger in a bar that they are a Sniper. Once guys are released or retire they will probably tell people they know. I have been out of the game so long no one gives a rat’s ass that I was a Sniper. It is a hard course and a difficult accomplishment and those who get it are proud of the fact.

If anyone bumps into one of these clowns send them to me and I will happily prove or disprove them.

With social media in our close knit community it takes less than 30 minutes to verify or disprove a claim.”


And, then there’s this unrepentant sack-o-crap. Jack Proulx is our favourite kind of fake sniper / embellisher. Petulant, resentful, accusatory and unapologetic…

He’s no “Lông Trắng / White Feather” but, he’ll tell ya that he was even more deadly than Gunny Hathcock… #amateurhour

Stolen Valour Canada – 2021 Review

Jack Proulx kicked off the 2021 Parade of Posers with his amazing military themed fairy tales of rescuing POWs, and killing NVA Generals long after US forces had withdrawn from Vietnam. Of course, there are the obligatory stories of him having a price on his head, being wounded in action (shot in the buttocks just like Forrest Gump) and struggling the guilt of being a sole survivor.

February – Bogus First Special Service Force / Korea / Vietnam war fake and embellisher Albert Brum took his place in the SVC Hall of Shame.

Andy Kruzynski – “Dog Tag Dude”. The KRUZER is a bullshit artist and former QOR rifleman with legitimate service in Cyprus. Again, there was no need to embellish his service by wearing bogus medals supposedly earned while on secret intel missions during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. He resurfaced on a number of web sites / groups in Jan/Feb 2021 after making a commitment to members of his regiment to speak only the truth.

James French – Serial poser / fake Gulf War / Afghanistan vet was convicted under s419 CCC x 1 and sentenced to 24 months probation.

Terry BIRCH aka “Captain Landmine” despite publicly stating that he would plead guilty to fraudulently wearing medals, the charges against him stayed by the court.  
Local area veterans are waiting for an apology for his actions while his loud mouthed offspring are still flapping their gums about how the situation was a misunderstanding due to Daddy’s failure to properly “register” his medals.

Hendrik Van der Pol who was featured on our platforms in 2020 finally saw the error of his ways by publicly apologizing for his fakery, destroying the unearned medals/insignia and made a commitment to wear only his legitimate awards.

William Greushcow – The ”Wolf” fooled a lot of good people that he had served with the US Army in Vietnam. To be truly convincing, it takes more than an ill fitting uniform, store bought medals and images lifted from the interwebs. The pic of him purporting to be in Vietnam wearing an Aussie uniform and carrying the FN L1A1 SLR is our fave!

Greushcow has now taken his place in the SVC Hall of Shame and is singing the blues however, it’s not with any uniformed choir in the Ottawa area…

– former Honorary Colonel Jean – Charles Perreault’s membership in the Order of Military Merit was terminated as a result of his long standing medallic fuckery. Hopefully, his membership in the Order of St John will also be terminated in 2022. The circumstances surrounding his award of the Canadian Forces Decoration and the Service Medal of the Order of St John should be reviewed and the medals revoked if applicable.

Captain Mark “Ozzy” Osborne
, a serving CF Logistics Officer was convicted for fraudulently wearing 4 medals without lawful authority. He was awarded a $3500 fine and reprimanded…

William R McKenzie who claimed to be a MWO / CSM in the Royal Canadian Regiment and a former member of the Canadian Airborne Regiment took his place in the Hall of Shame.

Mario Grenier
, a former R22eR Sergeant who deployed to the Balkans from Lahr FRG in 1992. There was no need for him to embellish his military service and claim to have been “running down” Scud Missiles in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War and wear bogus medals but, he did…

Bradley Bell of Calgary charged with impersonating a soldier along with weapons offences. He claimed to be a high speed – low drag special forces operator yet, he doesn’t have a single day of military service.

– Serial poser and bogus combat wounded, commando medic and RMC graduate Corey “Killer Kai” DUPS (aka MCpl McSquinty) was arrested in Michigan for impersonating a police officer. His ridiculous claims are now well documented in both sides on the border.

September – SVC staff turnovers & Block leave.

We were advised that bogus USMC Vietnam POW Kenneth Laroche had resurfaced in the Manitoulin, Ontario area. With the assistance of his enablers Laroche and his military themed fairy tales insult the service and sacrifice of anyone who has worn the the uniform of the United States Marine Corps.

  “Sir” Brent Adair Habeleter. SVC featured him in our blog a couple of years back, he’s now resurfaced in a video with a new approach – the “Queen’s Representative“ who will address ongoing aboriginal issues with the Royal family.

However, there have been no sightings of his fancy gold rope nor the Canadian Forces Decoration he wore to the legion…

– self appointed captain/commanding officer Simon “many names” DeRothschild found guilty of 1 count under
s419Unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates; and 1 count under s130  – Personating a peace officer. He was awarded a $1000 fine for each count (total $2k) and 18 months probation.

December – a set of jump wings were anonymously surrendered to SVC along with an apology for wearing them without entitlement. 

So, what’s the current state?

Despite the challenges of operating in global pandemic, a significant staff turnover and the addition of a token sailor to our research staff, SVC will continue our campaign to expose those who stand in the blood of our fallen. Over the course of the past nine years, it’s become apparent that the vast majority of individuals reported to us are nothing more than grifters and con artists who lie, cheat or steal for their own personal gain! 

They have used their “special status” to attend military ceremonies and parades, military themed galas and high profile sporting events as VIP guests. Some have participated in fully funded overseas pilgrimages & adventurous expeditions, more have “advocated” on veterans issues without the requisite knowledge, experience or service!

Fakes and embellishers have even acquired trauma support dogs and mobility equipment that should have gone to legitimate veterans. Many have used their fake military narratives and tales of battlefield injuries to advance their employment opportunities & political aspirations.
Others are involved in intimidation, theft, fraud including accessing veteran/military discounts, questionable charity schemes, embezzlement and dating scams.

We are well aware of individuals using their fabricated experiences and bogus medals to justify and/or elicit sympathy for their bad behaviour, this is particularly evident with those who claim to have been Prisoners of War.

Remember folks, they are all grifters and con artists… 

That being said, SVC has found that Mental Health issues are not usually a factor in the cases reported to us. However, we have piquetted and bypassed a small number of individuals who clearly don’t have the intellectual/mental capacity to understand the nature of their actions. In fact, we have channeled a number of people to mental health agencies as our interactions with them caused us concern. 


Lest we forget.

30 December 2021.

Simon “Many-Names” de Rothschild CONVICTED

Remember self-appointed captain, Simon “many-names” Rothschild (aka De Rothschild, McDonald, Surfer, Meyer, Weinstein, Costello) who was the “commanding officer” of an alternative cadet program in the Cornwall, Ontario area?

It has been said that “A Man Who Is His Own Lawyer Has a Fool for a Client”, Rothschild has proved that adage in spades as he unsuccessfully represented himself during the legal proceedings… 

After 3 years of his court room theatrics during which he claimed the crown’s disclosures to him were lost, stolen or eaten by his dog, alluded to have been a special forces officer holding a special, super, secret security clearance and haranguing witnesses with ridiculous assertions all compounded by Covid-19 delays, his dick dancing has come to an end.

On 3 September 2021, Mr Rothschild was found guilty of 1 count under s419 – Unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates; and 1 count under s130  – Personating a peace officer. He was awarded a $1000 fine plus a victim’s surcharge of $300 for each count (total $2.6k) and 18 months probation. Uniforms seized from his military themed tickle trunk were forfeited.

                                         Courtesy of the Glengarry News 9 November 2021

SVC is most appreciative of the OPP for their tenacity in pursing this matter, the patience of expert witnesses who were forced to endured his histrionic antics and to the courts for recognizing that stolen valour is not a victimless crime.

Lest We Forget

Corey “Kai” DUPS – MCpl McSquinty

SVC first became aware of DUPS, who is a Canadian from the Hamilton Ontario area, after we were sent his “graduation / promotion” pics in early February 2021.

Was he the top candidate on his combat medical course conducted at CFB Trenton?

That may explain him being awarded a Royal Canadian Medical Service hat badge in a fancy jewellery box…

Perhaps, the top dude is also awarded a special silk tie?

For considerable VALOR? Canadian Special Operations Airborne Regiment? Lieutenant Wayne Eyre-Jenning?
SVC has seen many bogus documents produced by posers, fakes and embellishers however, McSquinty has taken his fakery to a whole new level!
Who knew that long dead, US President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) was signing Canadian Army certificates?
He’s a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada? As a Corporal combat paramedic? With a Nursing Degree?

And, there’s more. Seems that the super soldiers of Delta Scorpion B should have been named to the Canadian Olympic Team. Imagine being able to cross 454 km in 3 hours & 45 minutes ON FOOT!

And, there’s even more!

Dups was unable to attend the ceremony as he was deployed to an undisclosed location…
“Carly Sims – Canadian Press 16 December 2017” , of course, Carly Sims doesn’t exist.

And, even more!

Thanks to Michigan Law Enforcement Agencies, DUPS now has the opportunity to reflect upon his Medallic Fuckery™️, prepare an apology for his actions, surrender the bogus items for appropriate disposal action and become a productive member of society…